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Protecting Your Home From Harmful Pests

From ants to mice to raccoons, there are a lot of different pests in Southern Oregon. Those pests could find their way into your home if you're not careful. Although an ant infestation is far different from ending up with raccoons in your house, they do share some similarities. Both are a nuisance, and both can cause damage to your house or harm to your family.

All pests cause problems of some sort when they get into your house. No matter what pests get into your home, you can't allow them to stay. Bugs Northwest serves Grants Pass homes with quality pest management that will eliminate your pest problems, whether from bugs, rodents, or wildlife. We have over two decades of experience solving pest, rodent, and wildlife management problems in Southern Oregon.

Our Home Pest Control

Our pest management treatments are totally dependent on your pest control needs. To determine those specific needs, we begin with an inspection of your property. If we find general pests around your property, we'll give you information about what you can do to help reduce them. If rodents are present, we'll determine how they infiltrated your house. If wildlife is causing problems, we'll either make recommendations about what you can do to avoid the situation or remove the animal.

Our inspection also helps us determine what type of pest management plan you need in order to address your pest problems in a way that we tailor to your home's needs. During our initial treatment, we'll service the exterior and interior of your home. Follow-up treatments are available monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. During these treatments, we'll treat the exterior of your house and make sure there is a set barrier of protection to keep your home safe from pests.

All of our recurring treatments include free reservices. If a pest issue pops up between scheduled services, contact us! We'll return to your home as often as needed to correct the problem.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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We provide inspections and estimates for our general pest control services, rodent control, and wildlife control services. We'll look around your property to identify the pests causing a problem, locate entry points, and determine what conducive conditions you can correct.


Our treatments will vary based on the type of pests in your house, where they're hiding, and how large the infestation has become. We'll treat the interior and exterior of your house. We'll also treat under your home to take care of any pests harboring there.

Follow Up

Although we do offer one-time services, we recommend ongoing services monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Our recurring services provide the best protection for your home, and we cover these services with our reservice guarantee.

Other Home Pest Control Services

Bat Control

Although bats are animals that are beneficial to the environment, you do not want them in your house. Getting rid of a bat infestation requires help from the professionals at Bugs Northwest. We offer humane services to get bats out of your home safely.

Rodent Exclusion

Getting rid of the rodents in your house will only be a temporary fix if you don't take care of the entry points they use to get in and out. Our rodent exclusion service seals the entry points into your house to stop new rodent infestations from occurring.


After a pest infestation has been taken care of, especially in the case of rodents and wildlife, there is a mess left behind. Our sanitation services clean and sanitize areas where pests leave droppings and any damaged insulation.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife can cause extensive damage if allowed to get into or near your house. If you have unwanted wildlife causing problems on your property, Bugs Northwest offers the wildlife control services you need to safely and humanely remove your wildlife problem.

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Customized Pest Control For Businesses

Your business is an important part of the community, and you deserve to have it be a space you’re proud to own. When pests get into your facility, they can damage it, sicken your customers and employees, and make it look messy and uninviting. Protecting your business from pests, rodents, and wildlife is important in keeping your business a profitable and growing venture. Bugs Northwest can help keep your business free of harmful pests. With over 20 years of experience in the pest management industry, we offer customized treatment plans to solve your business’s pest problems.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

The only way to effectively solve the pest issues in your business is to adopt a specific pest management plan for your business’s particular needs. There are many different types of pests, rodents, and wildlife in Southern Oregon, so the best treatment methods for your business will depend on which pests are in your building. Bugs Northwest takes the time to carefully inspect your property, inside and out, to identify the specific pest issues present.

Once we determine what pests are in your structure, how they got inside, and where they’re spending their time, we will develop a course of treatment tailored to your business’s unique needs. At Bugs Northwest, we not only solve pest, rodent, and wildlife problems using guaranteed treatments but also educate our customers about the most effective ways to prevent damage caused by pests. When you choose Bugs Northwest for your commercial pest control needs, you can feel confident that your pest problems will be a thing of the past.

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The Best Pest Protection For Your Business

Keeping your business free of pests, rodents, and wildlife is necessary if you want to keep your business running well. Bugs Northwest delivers the customized pest control you need to eliminate pests and make certain they do not return to your business. We have been serving Grants Pass & surrounding areas since 2000 and know the most effective methods to solve the problems that pests cause in our area. Call us today!

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