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Termites and other wood destroying insects do millions of dollars of damage throughout Oregon each year.


Bugs Northwest has a system that will keep these pests from damaging your home or business.


We are equipped to take preventive measures, which can help protect you from a severe loss. The pest control experts at Bugs Northwest will also make recommendations that can help to prevent termite infestation in the future.

Termites – they can cost you thousands.

Termite Facts:


Mature colonies can contain over 60,000 termites.


They feed on cellulose-based material like wood, books, boxes, furniture and drywall coverings.


Industry statistics show that termites cause over $5 billion in documented damage to homeowners each year.


Winged, reproductive termites are frequently mistaken for flying ants, but are smaller than ants and have slight differences in body structure.

What is a termite infestation?


When termite colonies have infested a structure, you need to act fast! Termites work 24 hours a day, so by the time you have discovered signs of termites, more than likely, some damage has already occurred. Some of the most common termites that are problematic to homeowners are subterranean termites. These live in the ground surface and need a moisture source, which they obtain by going back to the ground, bringing moisture with them, or by using moisture found in the structure due to leaks, condensation or lack of ventilation.

Why are termites such a problem?


Because termites are always so busy, they are relentless. They will search for food to keep the colonies going. Because they live in dark moist places, they often go undiscovered until serious damage is done. Many homeowner insurances exclude paying claims for termite damage. The truth of the matter is, for most people, your home is your single, largest investment that you will make in your lifetime. Letting these problem insects eat away at your investment can be devastating.

How does an infestation occur?


For a termite to survive, they need food. Cellulose found in wood is the main food source for most termites found in our area. They feed on cellulose-based material like wood, books, boxes, furniture and drywall coverings. Termites are constantly looking for ways to support the growing colonies and have been found hundreds of feet away from a colony. Infestations can occur when colonies send out winged reproductives to start new colonies. When termites find a suitable area, they will start a new colony. Another way infestations start is if subterranean termites are foraging for food and they find their way into a structure. Subterranean termites can do this by building protective mud tunnels over foundations to provide themselves access to the wood of the structure.

Bugs Northwest has experience in controlling termites.

Bugs Northwest can help protect your home from infestation.

Bugs Northwest is thorough, and our techniques honor a proven track record.

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