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Three tips for finding the right Pest Control Professional:


1. Always deal with a qualified and licensed pest management company.


2. Buy value, not price. Since you are paying for professional knowledge as well as skillful application of pesticides, look for someone whose judgment you can trust.


3. If a guarantee is given, know what it covers, how long it lasts, what you must do to keep it in force, and what kind of continuing control, prevention and management are necessary.

There are many pests in the Northwest, and we have handled our fair share of them. Bugs Northwest wants to solve your pest problem.  We handle pests that bite, sting, fly and crawl. Just to name a few: Rats, mice, gophers, moles, voles, skunks, bees, wasps, bats, bed bugs, spiders, scorpions, termites, ants, roaches, porcupines, raccoons, pigeons, swallows, beavers, snakes and many more pests!


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Bugs Northwest have been providing bug and pest control solutions to residents and businesses in Southern Oregon for over a decade. From ant infestations and termite damage to rodent and wildlife problems, Bugs Northwest understands the best pest control methods to use and how to quickly and safely solve your pest problems.

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