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Mold Remediation – Bugs Northwest will remove and treat a mold problem.

• Today’s homes are built with better energy efficiency. Homes are sealed up so tight it can trap moisture inside, causing a potential feeding ground for mold.


• Molds are microscopic fungi that comprise 25% of the earth's biomass. They can be found almost anywhere and can grow on virtually any organic substance given the right conditions.


• Once fungal growth starts, it will never go away until it has been treated.


• Studies have found that illnesses caused by mold are becoming a common problem with older buildings.

Mold spores are dormant and can activate in the right conditions.

Bugs Northwest can help prevent mold before it becomes a problem.

Think About This:


When your house was built, what was the condition of the wood? Was wet or damp wood sealed up by drywall before the wood had a chance to completely dry out? Where did the wood come from in the first place?


Many of todays materials can be exposed to other parts of the world through imports. This can increase the likelihood of contaminants. The best preventative action is to treat the wood during construction – BEFORE it can become a problem. Bugs Northwest encourages you to have your contractor take precaution, protect your investment from not only destructive insects, but also the possibility of a fungi infestation.

A typical construction project in the rainy season or after a summer rain shower. Note the water saturation levels could take weeks, even months, to fully dry out.

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Bugs Northwest serves areas all over Southern Oregon. Whether you are living or working in one of these listed towns or bedroom communities, just give us a call - after all, our name is Bugs NORTHWEST.

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Bugs Northwest can treat and stop contaminated areas from spreading. We can repair damaged areas and get your problem under control.

Dry Rot – Decay fungi that destroys wood.

If you have been a longtime homeowner you know that repairs happen. Homes can develop leaks from many areas. A common area is a leaky pipe inside a wall or an area where water is constantly getting into an area such as around a tub or shower where caulking has been compromised. This can go unnoticed and the constant moisture on these surfaces can, and probably will, eventually cause structural damage.


Some areas, if caught in time, can be dried out and treated without a major issue. But when the problem consists over long periods of time, you will need to make repairs.

For mold issues, dry rot, and general preventative treatments, Bugs Northwest will advise you with options and solutions.

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