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Bugs Northwest can handle all your tree-related pest problems without making an even bigger mess! We'll help you get rid of the pests bothering you and your trees, and help keep your trees in top shape, too. With our micro-nutrient infusion system we're able to deliver pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and antibiotics directly to the tree's vascular system and distribute it effectively throughout the tree.


Just give us a call to get your pest problems under control and keep your trees in optimum health.

Generally speaking, bushes, tree branches and vines that touch areas of your home is an open door for pests. Low branches hanging over your home are gateways for pests to get onto your roof which can ultimately allow them to get into your attic through vents and small areas. These same branches can have a tendency to drop foliage and can fill the gutters where insects gather. Ground covering bark mulch is a common landscape for areas between and around bushes and is a thriving breeding ground for bugs. It is best to keep the bark away from your foundation and wood-siding, otherwise beetles, ants and other uninvited guests can come right in.

Pests can thrive on your landscaping!

Pest problems in your trees?

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Studies show that the type of mulch used can either attract, repel or cause lethality to insect pests. House ants are attracted to pine and cypress mulch, although they are repelled by the aroma of cedar, while Formosan subterranean termites are killed by mulches made from the tea tree. Wood chips and shredded bark, particularly when new and un-weathered will cause termites to either leave the area or starve, so apply aromatic barks to combat both ants and termites.

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