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Protecting Your Crawlspace – Vapor barriers reduce insect problems.

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Generally speaking, there are three things that destroy materials under your house, lets speak about wood in particular: water, heat, and ultra-violet radiation. Of these three, water is by far the most damaging.


Bugs Northwest offers services to improve the environment of your crawl space by cleaning up, decontamination, and installation of a standard vapor barrier or a CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System. This system helps to reduce moisture conditions and insect problems. Without an effective vapor barrier it would ultimately cost you money in repairs and the need to deal with uninvited guests.

Your crawl space is the first level of protection against insects.

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Does Your Crawl Space Look Like This?

If it does, it's an invitation for trouble. Clutter, dirt, shelter for “insect housing” are evident in this type of scenario

Destructive insects and wayward critters of all kinds love damp environments and wet materials. Insects and critters can create problems for people  and your home, but that's not all; there are things you may not be able to see such as, mold, fungi, spores, odors, and airborne things that thrive in humidity. These types of conditions can cause serious health risks. Many people suffer allergic reactions, experience a host of symptoms, and don’t even realize why they are experiencing discomfort or having health problems. The cause may point back to their dirt crawl space.

Heating and cooling costs are also higher in a home with a vented dirt crawl space.


Crawl space encapsulation can put a halt to all these problems. The professionals at Bugs Northwest are trained and authorized installers specializing in crawl space repair with the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System.


Our system includes the CleanSpace 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier, a SaniDry crawl space dehumidifier, crawl space vent covers, crawl space door, and other products designed and patented by Basement Systems Inc.

A dirt crawl space under a home is not the healthiest situation for your home or its occupants. The soil beneath your home has very high humidity. This moisture moves easily as water vapor into the crawl space. The natural airflow in a house is from bottom to top. This draws the moist air and everything in it up into the living areas of the home.


Dirt crawl spaces do not have to be wet or flooded to be extremely unhealthy. A damp environment may cause damage to your structure. Mold thrives and reproduces airborne spores by the millions, and some molds are toxic. Rot and decay occur in damp environments causing structural damage to your home.

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